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Liron Meyuhas

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Liron Meyuhas is a percussion artist, band leader, singer, a teacher and creator. A nomad with roots in the alleys of Jerusalem, Meyuhas has studied rhythm in  West Africa, Jazz in Italy, Musical education B.Ed In Tel Aviv & Arabic drumming in Sinai ( Egypt) . Israel’s first female Hang drum artist, she has performed in the US, Brasil, Czech Republic, Russia and throughout Europe.

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In Between - Handpan Album
kalamur New Album
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Europe Tour 2024 To be Announced


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Gypsy Soul - The Jerusalem post

"Percussionist and singer Liron Meyuhas prepares to release her debut album, ‘La Gitana’"


Interview with Channel I24 - French

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Global Music Network Interview

“Jerusalem-born Liron Meyuhas is a true natural talent when it comes to music. She not only has a perfect mastery of a virtually endless list of percussion instruments, but she is also a singer and songwriter in numerous musical projects that are spread out around the globe. A true world musician, so to say. Global Music Network spoke with her about her musical career, how she first came into contact with Arabic music, and why she calls herself “La Gitana”


The Jerusalem Post - Oud Festival Article

“Naturally, when it comes to crossing over and blending energies and cultural baggage, Jewish-Arab fusions catch the ear and eye. One such confluence will take place tomorrow evening (8 p.m.) at Confederation House when Christian Arab oud player Helen Sebilleh joins forces with 30-year-old Israeli percussionist Liron Meyuhas for the Song of the Oud concert.”


Italian press -

Liron Meyuhas nasce a Gerusalemme nel 1985. È un'artista estremamente poliedrica in grado di suonare tanti strumenti musicali differenti. Anche la sua musica subisce le influenze di ritmi differenti. Ha preso parte a tantissimi progetti internazionali che le hanno permesso di girare il mondo grazie alla sua grande passione per la musica. Lo scorso anno ha pubblicato il suo ultimo lavoro discografico intitolato La gitana, che raccoglie numerose influenze di grandi artisti internazionali, affiancati da elementi del tutto inediti ed innovativi. Tra gli strumenti preferiti di Liron Meyuhas c'è l'hang drum, un particolare tipo di percussione di origine orientale, completamente in metallo ed in grado di generare suoni e ritmi evocativi ed estremamente spirituali.”


TELEPACE - Holy Land TV Article about Liron and Helen Sabila (Italian)

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Kutiman - Mix TLV
( Israel)




Murat Coskun

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Arezoo Rezvani

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Meinl Percussion

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Ouie Impro Jazz
( Italy )

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Yael Deckelbaum


Slet bubeníků
(Czech Republic)

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Festival Sete
Sóis Sete Luas

(Italy, Morocco, Portugal & Capo verde )

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